Broome County Concerned Residents

We are a coalition of residents that oppose the construction of the Bluestone Industrial Wind Turbines in the towns of Sanford and Windsor, New York.

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Broome County Concerned Residents, Inc. is a grassroots citizens group 

formed in March 2019 to address the health, safety and welfare of the Town of Sanford and Town of Windsor taxpayers and residents regarding the issue of permitting Bluestone Wind Project to build 33 industrial wind turbines in these rural towns. Concerns include sound and flicker emitting from the turbines 24 hours a day, change to the rural nature of the area with the addition of industrial wind turbines, potential health risks, and the effect on wildlife, local businesses, property values and tourism.

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Please Sign This Petition!

On October 1, 2019 the Administrative Law Judge recommended that the Siting Board adopt proposed Certificate Conditions and allow Bluestone to construct and operate the Project.  Here are links to a Word and PDF document that you sign and send to the Siting Board to tell them what you think about this recommendation.  Feel free to modify and customize as you see fit.  Send the petitions to:

      Hon. Kathleen H. Burgess

      Secretary to the Commission

      New York State Department of Public Service

      Empire State Plaza 

      Agency Building 3

      Albany, NY 12223-1350

Every Letter Matters!

Let the New York State Department of Public Services (DPS) know your thoughts about the Industrial Wind Turbine Project through their Public Comments page and Include your personal story if appropriate.

Public Comments Page:
Article 10 DPS Documents - Case 16-F-0559

Section 68 DPS Documents - Case 19-E-0121

Note – When writing to the NYS siting board about Bluestone Wind you must refer to the case number identified above 

Attend Local Town Board Meetings!

Let the town boards of Sanford and Windsor know your feelings about the Bluestone Wind Project, attend a town board meeting and tell them!  Below is a PDF file that contains the dates, times,  and locations of the upcoming town board meetings.

Town Board Meeting Schedule

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