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We wanted to alert you to a wind turbine project that is currently in the approval stage under Article 10, and seems to have a good chance of being approved.  The Bluestone Wind Project plans to build 33; 700+ feet turbines in Sanford and Windsor, many of which overhang the Village of  Deposit.  


The bottom line is that there are no benefits for the area -- only negatives, such as decreased property values, noise, flickering lights, loss of nighttime sky, destruction of our eagles, decimated bird and bat populations, health risks, and a degraded environment.  There will be short term job during the construction phase, but these will be mainly for union workers from out of town. Guys from Binghamton and Vestal will be paid to destroy our local mountain ridges.


The Town of Sanford Board has been working with Bluestone for 2 years, negotiating an agreement.  Few  were aware of the project until the Deposit Courier published articles in the 2/28 and 3/6 editions.  Now, people are doing research and getting very angry.  A the most recent Town of Sanford board meeting some amendments were proposed to the Wind Law they had previously passed wihtou any public participation. This time we need to show up to the public hearing in large numbers and make sure the law is actually written to protect the residents, and not designed to let Bluestone get away with sub-par design standards and turbine siting way to close to homes.  Until now, the board has been cooperating with Bluestone to fast track this project to the detriment of the community.


A coalition has now formed to oppose the project, the Broome County Concerned Residents (BCCR).  The coalition hired an attorney to represent our interests.  We need many more experts and independent third parties to help prove how flawed the plan is: from the methodology of their studies, to the public outreach they never performed. The coalition's email is BCCRWind@gmail.com.  Address is PO Box 213, Windsor, NY 13865. Phone is 607-467-2619.  Founder is Anne Lawrence.  Let's make sure they will hear our voices!! 


What We Do

The short-term goal of the coalition is to get the public back on the table as a participating party. We need to demand a moratorium on further development until we've had a chance to have meaningful input and make sure all our concerns are addressed. So far, all decisions have been made without any public input. This is illegal and not in accordance with Article 10. Article 10 itself is flawed. It is designed to 'smooth the siting of large energy production projects' and the State has an ambitious goal to build many of these Wind Energy projects all over NYS. We are guinea pigs here with unprecedented steep mountain construction for turbines that are way too tall and way too close. Below is the url  for the Department of Public Service ("DPS").  You will notice that the comments started to pour in after the Courier articles the last couple months.  Substantiated comments to the DPS are important to inform the Siting Board of what the local public really feels.  The more comments from the people the better. They need to know they cannot ram this project through a community that doesn't want it.  

We believe there are enough reasons to support our claim that these turbines cannot and should not be built here. Comments alone are not enough. We need time to prove it with facts. We need expert studies and opinions that will stand up in court. The applicant knows that if they don't give us time to produce such independent studies, our chances of stopping this project are hampered.

Please make your voices heard at the address below and demand that the public must have an oportunity to defend our rights, our health, our homes.




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Broome County Concerned Residents

We are a coalition of residents that oppose the construction of the Bluestone Industrial Wind Turbines in the towns of Sanford and Windsor, New York.

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